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Town of Edwards Cemetery Records

Compiled by Town Historian LaVerne Freeman

Users of this web page should note that there have been some recent changes.  Due to the amount of information contained in the cemetery records, we found that this page takes an excessive amount of time to load if contained in one page.  We have therefore split the records according to each cemetery.  If you know the burial site of the individual you are looking for, go to that cemetery by clicking on the cemetery name.  If you don't know the location, you will have to search each page.

Also, to facilitate the research of the users of these pages, we are in the process of creating .pdf files for each page.  There will be a link on each page to access these in standard 8 1/2" x 11" format.

Antwine Burial Site  A private grave located on Antwine family property.

Brayton Cemetery  Family burial ground on NYS Route 58 ... graves of infant Brayton triplets who died 1859 and 1860.  Also buried here are infants of the Cole and Freeman families.  None of these have traditional stones.  They are marked only with field stones and occasionally decorated by descendants. This small cemetery is carefully and respectfully tended by the landowners Gerald Barker and Richard McCormick.

Fairview Cemetery.  Located in the village on Hall Road ... Chartered January 16, 1915.  Land was purchased from, or donated by, the Woodcock brothers, Milo and William.  As part of the transaction they requested that their father and his two wives be moved from Riverside Cemetery to the new Fairview Cemetery, thereby making those three the first burials in the Fairview Cemetery.  This cemetery has been expanded in recent years as the need became evident. The Fairview Cemetery map can be found here.

Gates Cemetery  Located on the River Road ... Land was given by the Gates family with the stipulation that the cemetery plots were to be used only by those who resided in that neighborhood and there was to be no charge for these grave sites.  The earliest marked grave in this cemetery is Mary Jane Whitford who died May 28 1853.

Payne Cemetery  Located on the Harmon Road off NYS Route 58 ... This cemetery has also been known as "Creek Burying Ground", then "Harmon Cemetery", now known as Payne Cemetery.  It is believed to be named for the early settlers, the Payne family, who owned that land.  This cemetery is the site of the earliest marked grave in the town of Edwards, Lois Rice Payne, who died February 13, 1828, age 20 years.

Pinney Cemetery  Located on SLC Route 23 ... Small cemetery located near the Pitcairn town line on farm property.  You must reach it by passing through this farm driveway.  Named for the Pinney family who once owned the farm. Earliest marked grave here is 1832, an infant son of Isaac and Malinda Bannister.

Riverside Cemetery  Located in the village on Church Street ... This burial ground was established between 1858 – 1865 on land purchased from, or donated by, Thomas Noble.  It was later expanded by purchase of more land from Mr. Noble along the same street.  Stones dated earlier indicate that original burials were in the first village cemetery and moved to Riverside Cemetery.

South Edwards Cemetery  Located on SLC Route 23 ... at the edge of Shawville settlement in South Edwards.  The cemetery is comprised of very sandy soil on a flat area of land before one travels down the hill into the community.  The earliest marked grave here is that of Angeline Austin who died February 13, 1844, age 16 years.


Winslow-Shawville  Family burial ground located in South Edwards on SLC Route 23 ... on a steep hill overlooking the valley of South Edwards settlement on property owned by Alfred and Barbara Fenton.  It is very difficult to reach.  A fieldstone wall 15' by 18' (outside) is about 24" to 30" high and 20" to 28" wide. Sandstone slabs are laid on top of the wall.  This surrounds the graves of the three Winslow family members.  This cemetery is tended by the Alfred Fenton family.  The earliest grave is Ruth Dunbar Winslow who died January 3, 1835, age 53.

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