Highway Department Notices


​The following roads in the Town of Edwards will be claimed as seasonal use only. There will be no winter maintenance on the following roads from December 1st to April 1st:   Ames Road, Bingo Road, Stammerville Road & Thomlinson Road.

Per Local Law #8 of the year 2014The Parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all streets and highways within the boundaries of the former Village of Edwards between the hours of 2:00AM to 7:00AM from November 1st to May 1st of each year.

All in violation can be towed at owner’s expense.  A violation of this article shall constitute a traffic infraction and any person convicted of a violation shall be punished by a fine of not more than fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first conviction, and by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) for a second conviction within one (1) year, and by a fine of not more than one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) for a third conviction within a one year period.

~ Town of Edwards, Duane Sykes, Highway Superintendent

The following Local Law No. 1 of the year 2019. A local law amending Local Law Number 12 for the year 2014, Town of Edwards Land Use Regulations. 


The Town of Edwards seeks to include and to give direction for solar Arrays.  Article XI Alternative Energy Sources, Solar Collection Systems, Section 4. Permitting is hereby amended with this new Local Law.


This Local Law was filed with the State of New York Department of State, Albany, NY on December 4, 2019.   Is available in the Town Clerk Office for purchase or review.

~ Patricia Davis, Edwards Town Clerk Dec. 30, 2019



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the undersigned, the collector of taxes of the Town of Edwards, has received the tax roll and warrant for the collection of taxes for the Town of Edwards for the fiscal year January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.


PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that the undersigned will receive the taxes listed on said roll at his/her office located at 161 Main Street, Town of Edwards, St. Lawrence County, New York, during usual business hours, i.e. 10AM to 2PM on the following days: Monday to Thursday. 


PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that taxes may be paid to the undersigned without interest on or before the thirty-first day of January. Taxes received after the 30-day penalty free period shall have interest added at the rate of one per cent for each month or fraction thereof until such taxes are paid or until return of unpaid taxes to the County Treasurer pursuant to law. The date for the return of unpaid taxes to the County Treasurer is June 2, 2020.                  

~ Patricia Davis, Edwards Town Clerk Dec. 30, 2019

A New York State Mesonet meteorological station is located on Maple Street in Edwards. The station is an early warning weather detection system and local weather observation station.

Meeting Night: 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 7:00 pm, Town Hall


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